Linen Cross Back Apron with 2 pockets - Light Natural with Blue Stripes - A-Line - Japanese-style -Thick Linen

$ 124.00

Introducing the Linen Apron - an A-line cross-back design, featuring two convenient pockets and made from luxurious stonewashed thick linen.

The apron measures 30" in length (excluding the straps), with the straps dropping 9".

Crafted from 100% stonewashed linen, our cross-back design is inspired by Japanese style and provides a comfortable fit.

Stonewashed linen is more stain-resistant than cotton and easy to care for. It is machine washable, can be dried in a regular dryer, does not shrink, and requires no ironing, making it the best choice for aprons and towels.

Linen is renowned for its exceptional breathability, quickly absorbing and releasing moisture. It also possesses antibacterial properties, naturally preventing bacterial growth. By investing in our linen apron, you can expect long-lasting durability, as linen is known to endure a lifetime.

Elevate your cooking experience with our Cross Back Linen Apron, crafted to offer both style and functionality. Not limited to the kitchen, this apron is also perfect for crafts, workshops, grilling, gardening, and more.