About Us

The Chartreuse Pear opened its doors in October of 1999 in Ruston, Louisiana. Owner and founder Brenda Lee found herself with time on her hands and years of creative ideas to share after her oldest son, Travis, left home for college and her younger son Spencer settled into junior high school. Brenda found a space for lease, and, after emptying her house of years of collected treasures, called up her artist friend Lori Young to join in her adventure, set up shop, and never looked back!

Brenda drew upon a lifelong passion for seeking out antiques and vintage decor, which shaped the aesthetic of her new downtown shoppe. She spent her days painting and refinishing furniture, creating unique displays, and greeting new clients with her signature Southern charm. 

Once Brenda began venturing off to gift markets, the days of painting furniture in overalls soon gave way to increasing selections of the very best in gifts: candles, soaps, jewelry, european luxuries, elegant linens, timeless home decor, and unique treasures to be passed down for generations. What began as a creative outlet quickly became a trusted destination for the very best in gifts and home decoration. 

Feature stories in Southern Living and Romantic Homes magazines spread the word and the shoppe soon enjoyed visitors from all across the South. As traffic to the shop grew, Travis returned home each Christmas season to help, and eventually came on board in 2012 to oversee the business side of things. Brenda delighted in the time gained to indulge her creativity even more and focus on the softer side of the shoppe, namely the famed Bella Notte Linens!

Today, Travis and Brenda continue to travel to markets across the country, seeking out premium lines, and building rich relationships with their vendors and brand reps. Visitors stop in for the beautiful gifts, endless inspiration, and genuine warmth they’ve come to expect at the Chartreuse Pear. Many a little girl who grew up tagging along to the shoppe with her mother considers the Chartreuse Pear a must when creating their bridal registry, sprucing up their home, or simply returning to Ruston to visit.

As things change and the world shifts to online retail, and we adapt and grow a digital presence, we hope to offer a glimpse into the shoppe that feels just as welcoming as it would in person. One thing is certain, we endeavor to remain true to Brenda’s original vision of dedication to quality goods, unmatched client service, and attention to detail that never fails to delight and surprise. It is such a joy to see faces return time and again, and we are forever grateful. Whether you’re only now discovering us or you’ve been a patron for years, we are so glad you’re here and part of the Chartreuse Pear story!