Linen Cross Back Apron with Two Pockets - Natural Color

$ 75.00

Perfect for indoors (kitchen, workshop, crafting) and outdoors (grilling, gardening), this Japanese-style criss cross apron is stylish and functional, making the perfect gift as a must have item for everybody!

  • 100% pure luxury thick linen - naturally beautiful.
  • Stonewashed - pre-washed to make linen soft and textured.
  • 2 pockets upfront.
  • breathable -  linen is known to be the most breathable natural fabric due to its excellent ability to quickly absorb and release moisture.
  • Will not shrink
  • No ironing needed
  • Lint free
  • Loop - attached to the top back hem to hang the apron
  • Machine washable - the more you wash it the softer and more absorbent it becomes!
  • Water absorption - excellent - linen absorbs more water than cotton, absorbs it faster , dries faster and does not feel as damp.
  • Antibacterial - linen has natural ability to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Durability - linen is an investment - will serve you a lifetime.
  • Produced in Europe from locally grown flax.
  • No dyes were used. 


  • S/M - apron 28" plus straps 9"
  • L/XL- apron 31" plus straps 10"