Ascension Butterfly Pendant

$ 128.00

Ascension, the willful and transformative act of ascending, is a miracle in itself. The Ascension Butterfly Pendant is meant to inspire and fortify your own efforts of ascension, whether literal or metaphoric. Cast in a mix of warm brass (with an oxidized finish to amplify nuanced details such as wing patterns and dimensionality), and sterling silver, the Ascension Butterfly features a central celestial key motif, augmented with crystals and star shapes. On the reverse side (the one facing the wearer’s heart) the word “ASCENSION” itself is inscribed, as a reminder to rise up and go higher.

Pendant is 1-3/4"

Is it possible to contemplate the duality of existence in a design? That we are of the earth, yet divine…. that we are lightness, amidst the darkness… That we can transform, in time. Here, half angel wings, and half butterfly wings, balanced by light and dark crystals, a center that is partially the face of a clock, holding the crescent moon that will wax and become full again, I hope this pendant reminds us that as we open ourselves up to our own beauty, to our divinity, we too are like the butterfly that ascends from its cocoon, making manifest the wonder of life.